Born to Roam

I grew up in the tiny town of Nelson, BC surrounded by a vibrant culture and stunning mountain landscapes. I have always dreamed of the endless possibilities the environment offered and strove to make them my life’s work. At a young age, as I learned to ski at the local mountain, Whitewater, I knew my obsession with the outdoors would dictate the rest of my existence. Wow. What an incredible journey it has been.

I have always sought to pursue a career where I can experience the world around me and capture its beauty first hand. I have chased professional riders down powder runs in the Kootenays, experienced the cultural diversity of South America, trekked the high mountain ranges of Nepal, sailed the majestic BC coast and traveled east to west across Canada. I want to continue experiencing as much as possible and I know my camera will always be along for the ride. Want to come on an adventure?